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Jaclyn Carlson from Little Paper Trees

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Connection. It’s a powerful word and one that changed my life.

In late 2007 I left Boston and followed my heart (and a boy) and moved to Sydney, Australia. I was in love and living in a new land which was exciting, new and overwhelmingly beautiful. What was missing, what kept my puzzle from ever feeling complete, was my lost connection to friends and family.  A simple connection in any form be it email, text, letter or a phone call becomes so much more important when you are suddenly removed from your everyday routine. This is what I missed most. So what did I do? I starting blogging, and I haven’t looked back since.

My blog, Little Paper Trees, was launched in 2010 and started out as a way to connect and rebuild that long distance connection but has since changed my life in ways I never expected. More than just a space to write, ramble and remember, blogging has shifted my thinking and strengthened my creative spirit. It has singled handily changed my path and the person I’ve become. Big statement, but true.

Shortly after starting my blog I decided to jump into the deep-end and sign up for an e-course run by Holly Becker of Decor8.  During those 4 weeks I fully immersed myself in the world of blogging, met new people, made connections and carved out a path that I’m still following to this day. It was the catalyst I needed to finally have the courage to change my career and move from the world of advertising into a more creative marketing job where as part of my new role I interact with creative businesses, work with social media and run our event design blog in addition to Little Paper Trees.

From here the opportunities came faster than I could keep up. Through blogging I discovered events and meet-ups such as the ABCD Meet-Up in Sydney that again expanded my community and established relationships with more and more bloggers with the same interests and passion that I had. The more I wrote, the more my confidence grew and I reached out and asked for opportunities instead of waiting for them to happen – something I never would have had the courage to do before. The result was that I landed a part-time blogger role for a beautiful event called Magnolia Square and later became a monthly blog columnist for the Creative Women’s Circle here in Australia. Just this month I teamed up with a friend to host our first Sydney Instagram Meet-Up, an event we created to connect with other social media addicts and it all came about because of blogging. There are more ideas on the way and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

It’s sometimes funny to look back on these past 2 years and see how all of these opportunities have come to fruition and how much my blog has influenced my decisions. Put simply it has allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and live a fuller life by providing me with a place to house my memories and create new ones, to reach out and connect with people I never dreamed of. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and to anyone thinking about it, or doubting if they have the ability, time or courage to start blogging my advice to you would be don’t wait another minute, dive right in.

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My Life As a Blog