Hoverboards Are A Great Toy For Kids

Hover Board

Hoverboards, or self-balancing boards, have taken the world by storm. They’re everywhere! What began as a dream vehicles for all nerds, is now a reality. At the time that people were visualizing being able to hover around in a 2-wheeled scooter, their ideas were being dismissed as being science fiction, or worse, impossible.

2016 has proved all the naysayers wrong. Of course, with the launch of a new product opens up the kids segment of the same. If there’s one thing that’s been proven time and again, is that there simply has to be a child’s version of everything! The same for hoverboards.

This must-have gadget has seen a massive rise in interested buyers the world over. Everyone wants a hoverboard, and everyone’s child also wants a hoverboard. The days of new clothes, new shoes are gone, now it is the time for the latest and most fashionable gadgets to make you stand out in a crowd.

That being said, it is not feasible to spend a ton of cash on something that a child will outgrow, the best option in this case is, of course, cheap hoverboard for kids. The great thing about economical options is that they give you the same feel for something without taking too much out of your wallet. However , do be wary of products that promise the moon, cost next to nothing and end up being a hazard more than a good buy.

If you are in the market for cheap hoverboards for kids, do not buy before you read this Razor Hovertrax review! J

This self-balancing scooter can ride up to a 115 minutes without a break on a full battery. The frame is shatter-proof, and it can carry a maximum weight of 220lbs. The maximum incline it can handle, upward or downward, is 15 degrees. This is more of a 2-wheel scooter for older kids and teenagers. This is a high quality product that is worth the price you pay for it.

Now that you’ve bought a hoverboard, the next step is decorating it. Hoverboard skins are a great way of customizing your self-balancing scooter to suit your personality. These hoverboard skins with rubber ensure that your hoverboard is well-protected and doesn’t compromise on aesthetics of any kind. They provide you with the same look and feel as the original, but, protects the original from unsightly scratches and scrapes.

Buying a hoverboard for your child is a big decision. It requires a lot of thinking and research. There are a ton of products out there that promise everything from the perfect ride to the perfect balance, be careful before your take the plunge.

With the holiday season around the corner, the season to buy hoverboard for kids is here. There will be a mad rush to buy these hoverboards. Make sure that you spend these few days doing some research and pre-ordering if you need to and pick out a fun and exciting gift for your child.

What Are Radar Detectors and Why Do We Need Them?

Radar Detector

A radar detector is a device that motorists use to check if they are being watched by law enforcement for their speed. Usually, a vehicle is checked for speeding by policemen who are in the sidelines of motorways and high ways where people tend to over speed. Installing a radar detector is a good way for motorists to slow down at an appropriate time so that they don’t get caught, and also don’t face law enforcement on a speeding ticket since all traffic violations are noted and too many violations usually leads to the revoking of a driver’s license.

There are two kinds of radar detectors – Doppler detectors that can be sensed and detectors that use alternative technology to remain undetected. Usually, motorists prefer undetectable ones.

Obviously, if you are looking to buy radar detectors online, then, you need to look online. With so many options available, the best bet is to find a vendor online who will be able to give you multiple options. For instance, Speed Zones – Online [buy radars] is one such one-stop shop where you can go and check out the many detectors available. The best part of such a vendor is that it is usually run by someone who is a first-hand source of these technologies and can give you a good insight into what you need.

Not only that, a multi-brand vendor will also give you a better and more objective opinion on what’s in the market today. While it is easy to go with a popular brand or something you have seen in your friend’s vehicle, it doesn’t help if that particular radar detector doesn’t suit you in the least. This is where a curated list or a curated website helps you out.

Buying online is also a great way to find where you can get a product in your vicinity. For instance, if you key in “Escort Passport 8500 to buy near me” as a search word, then you are sure to find brick and mortar vendors who will stock the radar you are looking for. Escort passport is well-known manufacturer of radars and they usually have some of the most recommended products in their line-up.

{cool} Escort redline review

Among the top selling Escort detectors is the Escort redline. Some of the top features of the Escort Redling are:

* Dual detector

* Dual antenna

* Long range

* Display

* Separate alerts

* Auto mode

* Stealth

* Auto Mute

* Safety Warning System

Not only this, the redline is also easy to install, this makes it quite a popular buy among users. But that being said, the lack of a GPS and the price make it a bit of a problem buy.

Cobra radar detectors are always featuring in top 10 lists across verified websites and usually it is found that it comes highly recommended by most analysts. To find anything written harshly about it makes you wonder who wrote this Cobra radar detector review?!. A genuine user would never ever write something so negative about a product that is so highly rated!

Defining Parameters of Tactical Knives

Survivalist Knife

Some people are of the opinion that all knives are the same. On second thoughts does one really think a normal kitchen knife and a knife that is used by a military personal is the same. Obviously not! Then what differentiates an ordinary knife from tactical knives.

These knives are used for special purposes. They have certain extra and additional requirements to be fulfilled based on its usage. Whether it is used by a military officer or an undercover agent or an astronaut all have different use cases to be fulfilled by a knife. Hence the design and details vary as per the needs. A camper needs the best survival machete so that he can clear an area to be ready for camping; a kitchen knife or a Swiss army knife is of no use here.

Gerber for example makes a lot of such knives. Just try to research for a gerber survival knife or look up for gerber knives review and one gets a lot of information on the world of knives. Below is a list of some of the parameters that makes a knife a tactical one.

* Design: The design of the knife is very important as it has to be based on the purposes for which the knife is supposed to be used. This could make a difference of life and death for someone.

* Handle Design: The handle of the knife has a special design, some kitchen knives have grooves to fit the hand, however this may not be ideal during survival situations as one does not know under what panicking situation one has to hold the knife. Having a fixed groove may not be ideal when someone tries to grab it under stress. It should not be so slippery also, hence it has it has to be such that it is comfortable to handle however it is grabbed.

* Size: Size may also depend on the purpose of usage, however in general survival knives have to be smaller in size so that they can be handled easily and not too heavy.

* Material: Stainless steel of good quality is what is used in most survival knives. It is better to go for a costlier one so that the quality is better, as it should break in crisis situation. Handles can be made of plastic or titanium or stainless steel. Generally handles should not absorb any moisture or sweat or liquids and become slippery.

* Folding: A blade can have a fixed or folding handle; some may have locks as well. For example, the zero tolerance 350 has a patented opening system that deploys the knife even with gloves.

* Carrying Options: A knife can have many carrying options, one has to choose the option that is more comfortable and depends on the comfort of the person as to from where they are going to pick up the knife. Sometimes microseconds may make a difference. Knifes come with sheaths or spring metal clips. If one uses a gun and the knife is just a backup; then it has to be kept in a place where it really acts as a backup.

So, never think again that all knives are the same.

It’s About Time You Got Into 3D Printing

3D Printing

If you thought having your own printer at home was a cool thing, then thing again. Printing on paper might still be relevant today, but why would you stay blissfully ignorant when a newer technology will soon let you even get your smartphone out of a printer?

3D Printing or additive manufacturing is the new buzzword amidst hobbyists and is fast becoming the norm in manufacturing industries. Instead of printing ink on paper, a 3D printer will layer thin layer of material over one another and create a 3 dimensional structure from a digital image.

From building prototypes to actually creating end-user parts for your various home appliances to creating fun toys at home, the uses of a 3D printer is endless. In fact, we can confidently say that there is not a field where 3D prints cannot be used.

Types of 3D printers

If you are an absolute beginner, it would be a good idea to know the different 3D printer types before you think about buying one.

1. Stereolithography uses a combination of UV light and resin to create 3D models

2. Fused deposition modeling (FDM) uses drops of melted thermoplastic that are fused together to produce three dimensional objects

3. Selective laser sintering (SLS) uses a combination of UV light and powdered material to build the 3D structure

4. Selective layer melting is similar to SLS but the powdered material is first melted before use.

5. Electronic beam melting uses electronic beams in place UV light to create 3D objects.

The printing material

It is a known fact that colored inks are used for a regular printer but since a 3D printer needs to produce three dimensional objects, they use colored filaments instead of inks.

ABS and PLA are two of the most popularly used plastics in 3D printer with PLA being more common. They come as filaments and are easily changeable in a 3D printer. You can buy 3d print filament ABS/PLA from online stores and they are available in a variety of colors to suit your project.

Before you buy a 3D printer

An easy way to get familiarized with the technology would be to read an actual review of a 3D printer. A good place to start would be the Da Vinci 3D printer review. The printer is an entry-level model popular among educators and home 3D printers alike. It uses PLA filament to print and is a budget-friendly option for newbies.

Though you can build your own 3D printer from scratch, if you are new to the technology, it is much easier to buy a plug and play printer like the Da Vinci or other similar models available in the market.

Our recommendations

Whether you want to give 3D printer a try or use it for making your own 3D designs, there are an umpteen number of choices but we want to give you a heads-up with our best 3D printers models for 2016/2017. We are sure there is one that fits your budget and requirements.

1. The budget-friendly XYZ Da Vinci Mini

2. The versatile Lulzbot Taz 6

3. The super-capable Lulzbot Mini

The Eye of the Binocular- Lens


Binoculars are telescopes mounted side-by-side and aligned to the same point, allowing viewer to see distant objects clearly. Most of them are designed in such a way as to be held in both the hands.

They are used to widely in various fields like astronomy, wildlife and birds watching, sports or simply gazing at the sky on a winter night. Each one of them is specifically designed for specific purposes. So let’s see few points to be kept in mind before you buy one for yourself.

There are various factors that go into selecting the best Binoculars.

* Magnification number

* Diameter of the lens

* Brightness

* Field of view

* Weight and size

With optimum highlights on the above parameters, there are many best brand binoculars. Based on the user review, there are few brands that fall under the Top Binoculars Rated category.

* Zeiss

* Zhumell

* Bushnell

* Nikon

* Steiner

Lens: The lens is the crucial part of the binocular, just like our eye. Overall, binoculars proficiency depends on the good lens. Keeping this eye clean is very important to get a good image. Let’s see how a lens is cleaned, the Lens cleaning kit, available in the market, the contents of it.

What should you do to keep your lens clean!

Remove the dust and dirt, cleanly: the dirt and dust accumulated while exposure to the outside, when rubbed hard, leaves scratches on the lens. So, be careful while cleaning them. Remove the dust using a compressed air, and then clean.

Using moist swabs: clean the lens with Lens cleaning solutions, and not with any other stuff. Your lens is very sensitive and fragile. Use cotton swabs dipped in lens solution to wipe off any excess dirt.

Wipe them neat: use a clean cloth to do this. Once all the dust particles are out of the lens, you may wipe it down for that crystal clear look.

There are many Lens cleaning kits, available in the market. They are also sold in online, by many authorized sites. Read the reviews, use reviews by mouth to find the one that suits your

need and fits your bill. Never blindly buy products and ruin the most important part of a Binocular.

Not just Binocular lens, Camera lens cleaning kit is also available.

To clean the lens in a more professional way, one requires the following things:

* Cleaning solution to be used

* Dust cleaner

* Lens Cleaning paper or tissue

* Dust Blower

* Brush to dust away dirt.

When you can’t find every individual piece, go in for a Camera Lens cleaning kit, which contains all of these. There are many good brands at best prices, chose which is closer to your pocket and your type of lens.

Cheap Night Vision Goggles: Night vision goggles are that enable you to capture the image as it is, even in the dark light. They are specialized Binoculars. Let’s see few brands that fit your pocket, without burning a hole in them.

* ATN Viper

* Bushnell

* EO Tech

* Luna Optics

These brands offer you a good piece of night vision goggles; they are best in price and quality.

An Alternative to Charcoal Barbecue Grills


We all know that charcoal is one of the worst polluter of the planet. The cons of charcoal are that it is inefficient in cooking and in addition to it, pollutes the air in the process. Charcoal emits what is called black carbon into the atmosphere. This black carbon travels to the arctic and there, it absorbs the heat from the sun and provides heat enough to melt the ice where it settles.

So, this is a bad news for the charcoal Barbecue grill lovers because what they are ultimately doing is, polluting the environment. Of course, if they change to other type of grills, they might not get the same taste in the food but it is certainly advantageous to the environment.

The other good alternatives to the Charcoal grill are the Gas Grill and Electric Grill. These are greener models and do not pollute the environment as the charcoal does.

Gas Grills

The fuel source for Gas grills are Propane or natural gas. Gas grills are preferably used in outdoors as they require lot of space and is at a risk of catching fire when placed near any other materials. Gas grills are very popular next to the charcoal grills. Hence, a lot of variety of these grills is available in the market. Weber Natural Gas grill is one such example of the popular grills in this category. They are also available in a lot of ranges and sizes, even to feed hundreds of people in restaurants. Gas grills are superior in a way that they provide more flavors to the food than Electric grills.

The heat can be controlled better in gas grills but are tough to maintain at lower temperatures. The maintenance of the grills can be done with normal grill cleaning tools. The removable parts can be washed with hot water. One of the best gas grills is the cheap Weber e310.

Electric Grills

The source of Electric grill is electricity. It is suitable to be used both indoor and outdoor. They are available in various sizes where small ones can be used to feed 2 to 6 people and large ones can be used to feed 10 people. But as they lack much taste, they are not much preferred and lack popularity. They generate radiant intense heat if the temperature drops. Because of this quality, searing of food is not possible. Removable parts can be cleaned but as it is electric, proper care must be taken while cleaning the grills. The electric grills outdoor are available with best brands like Weber.

What we use should be healthy to both the family and the earth. So, when you buy a grill and use them, here are some tips for you to make it healthy.

* Never over burn food as burnt food contain carcinogenic compounds. These compounds are the main reason for the risk of cancer. Also, when food burns, the soot adds more polluted particles to the air.

* It is better to use organic meat and also use them for kebabs. Reducing red meat is good for the health of the heart and for the general health.

VR HEADSET- from Possession to OBSESSION


We hope that the word Virtual Reality is not new to you. Though you don’t know completely about it, you might have come across someone using it, through the news, etc.

So, wondering what this Virtual Reality is all about? Why is there so much hype around it? The answers are here.

Virtual reality is a technology, which uses software to create realistic images in a virtual world. It would create a complete real world, inside the virtual world. It means, all that you see inside those devices are just a replica of your real world, created to keep you excited and thrilled.

We know that virtual means, that which never exists, but created to look like one. Imagine a world within it! Amazing isn’t it?

We hope you have played PlayStation, XBOX games, or just seen someone playing it. This uses hardware of yours, a gaming box like the Kinect or PS and software from which you can play. This is also a part of VR. We are talking about advancement in this!

Let’s see a little history of this world. VR is not a completely new technology. Since decades people have been working on this concept, but in different perspectives and ways. Only in 80’s there was a VR device released, which didn’t gain the required attention from the population. This concept was all incorporated in many movies making them a huge success, but when it came to reality, it didn’t click well.

Only with the arrival of Oculus Rift, the 2010 model, giving a 2D experience, VR got an overwhelming response. Later in 2014, Facebook took up this Oculus VR Company for $2billion. Meanwhile many other companies also started announcing their production of VR devices to the people. Sony, Samsung, HTC, Google, all was lined up.

2016 is the year of VR. Since the onset of the year, it is seeing many Upgraded versions, enhanced features in VR Devices, especially VR Headset.

VR Headset:

This headset provides an entrancing virtual reality to the user. It creates a virtual, real-like world for the gamer. Though there were many developments happening around this topic since years it’s only now that a full-fledged VR Headset, is out in the market. With all the new features, it’s going to be a complete engaging gaming experience.

So, planning to grab the gadget, have all these in mind before you head out.

The physical devices that you have, like TV, PC, and Smartphone should be taken into consideration, then, keep a chart of your budget. Based on that, go in for device feature, like the design of the device, hidden cost of the device, check their space needs, controllers for the device ad last their availability. Based on these factors, you can buy a good one.

Toplinevr.com is anOFFICIAL WEBSITE, which has already uploaded video of this new gadget which is taking the net by its storm. They are telling you about the features of this gadget, what all you can do and how it is.

You can get a detailed explanation about the Headsets we are talking about at “toplinevr.com”. They have very well explained the way this new gadget works and how it feels in reality. The sense of presence which is well encapsulated in this new gadget makes you feel out of the world. You may check for yourself, what are we talking about at  http://toplinevr.com

Well, we shall wind up giving you a list of BEST VR HEADSETS TO BUY.

Oculus Rift tops the chart, followed by HTC Vive, then Sony. So, go, Get them!!